How to make a building fireproof with aluminum honeycomb panels

Wed,Mar 9,2022

How to make a building fireproof with aluminum honeycomb panels

Buildings of all shapes and sizes need to be safe for their occupants. But how is safety ensured for building made with aluminum composite cladding? 

For one thing, this type of cladding does not provide the same insulation as a brick or stone building, so it's susceptible to heat and cold damage.

      Why traditional aluminum composite cladding is flammable


Most aluminium composite cladding consists of a layer of plastic sandwiched between two aluminium sheets. And it's the plastic layer, usually made of polyethene (also called polyethylene), that's the main culprit. Polyethene isn't only found in cladding — not by a long shot. It's everywhere, making up roughly a third of all manufactured plastics. What makes it so versatile is its molecular structure: long chains of "monomer" units comprising carbon with hydrogen atoms hanging off them. The panels themselves are not flammable, but the adhesive that holds them together is. Aluminum honeycomb does not use adhesives, so it can't be ignited by a small spark. These panels also have a much higher fire resistance rating than traditional cladding.


How aluminum honeycomb panels work to make buildings fireproof

The panels are made up of a honeycomb pattern, which is an incredibly strong metal. In order to make the aluminum honeycomb panels fireproof they're coated with ceramic. 

This coating makes the panels self-insulating, as it doesn't allow heat to pass through them. The coating also has a high reflective quality, meaning that it will reflect any heat that does come into contact with it.


      What obstacles and opportunities does the building industry have with the introduction of aluminum honeycomb panels?

The building industry has always had the challenge of how to make buildings fireproof. Innovative new materials like aluminum honeycomb panels are helping to solve this problem by providing a lightweight and cost-effective solution that is easy to install. The panels can be installed with minimal disruption, and they can also be customized to add color or insulation, which provides even more benefits for builders and architects.


Other advantages of using aluminum honeycomb panels in buildings

 Aluminum honeycomb panels offer a number of advantages over traditional construction materials. They are extremely lightweight and easy to install. They also act as an insulator, making buildings more energy efficient. Finally, aluminum honeycomb panels can be easily recycled at the end of their life span.